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local seo company vancouver bcOrnithophobia (a fear of birds) has been spreading among SEO creators. With every update of Google’s Penguin, Pigeon and Hummingbird programs - a series of algorithms that strip rankings and undermine once proven techniques - sites have been suffering. Content has been penalized and links have been blocked, causing SERPs to change quickly and frequently.

Webstager has learned to adapt to these changes. Other companies, however, have not - and a recent reveal of Google’s local SEO penalties proves why. Many sites are failing to gain traction because:

Lack of Substance

Search spiders feast on content - words, links and images. A common issue among sites, however, is a lack of (relevant, user-friendly) substance. Information is presented sparsely and gateway pages are few. This leads to plummeting ranks.

Keyword Spamming

Flooding pages with localized keywords once yielded fantastic results. Now, however, Google’s algorithms recognize this tactic for what it is: black-hat spamming. Sites that rely on spamming will see their SERPs fall and their authority scores weaken.

Broad Tactics

Local SEO is meant to contain searches to specific areas. It’s not meant to highlight entire countries. Too often do site creators target the broadest audiences possible, stringing together keywords too weak to be ranked. Limiting the focus becomes essential.

These methods prove all too damaging online, drawing ire from Google’s many bird-themed algorithms. To avoid the feathery fallout site owners must utilize modern SEO techniques - and let Webstager redefine their content and their strategies.

To read more about Google’s penalties click here.

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