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content marketing seo company vancouver bcOptimization is the process of energizing a website’s online presence. Every page is embedded with relevant content; every layout is shaped to responsive design; and every link is carefully inserted. The intention is to improve SERPs and gain recognition.

Without a multi-social strategy, however, that intention will fail.

Companies must embrace a multi-social strategy. Confining content to websites is a mistake, with consumers forced to seek out one specific page to find one specific product. This drastically reduces overall visibility and limits traffic. More channels are needed to ensure success.

Consider these alternatives:

Social Media Networks
Local Directories
Press Releases
Video Streams
Image Directories
News Feeds
Email Lists

By using multiple sources for content companies can better reach their target audiences. The information gains traction, leaping from one link to the next. Traffic is increased and overall SERP performance is bolstered, ensuring success for the future.

Gain page rankings through a multi-faceted strategy. Learn more about this process by contacting Webstager today.

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