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seo company vancouver bcSEO was once defined by endless backlinks and keyword stacks, all shoved into blogs that were unappealing in both design and content. This was, marketers assumed, the only way to generate high SERPs and higher traffic.

Times have changed (much to Webstager’s delight) and SEO is finally expanding its white-hat wardrobe. Check out these survey results, as provided by the Content Marketing Institute. They reveal the new - and varied - ways companies are now producing information:

Social Media Postings (Non-Blog Related): 92%
Newsletters: 83%
Website Articles: 81%
Blogs: 80%
In-Person and Real-Time Promotions: 77%
Case Studies: 77%
Videos: 76%
Illustrations and Original Images: 69%
White Papers: 68%
Online Presentations: 65%
Infographics: 62%
Webinars and Webcasts: 61%
Research Reports: 49%
Microsites: 47%

These trends provide insight into a more dynamic SEO world. By combining multiple mediums content creators can better define their data. Audience targeting is improved and search rankings increase (particularly in the wake of recent Google algorithm changes, which no longer reward traditional tactics and instead focus on consumer-centric branding). Weaving information through blogs, studies and videos ensures success.

This is why Webstager - along with our sister-site, One Big Broadcast- is proud to offer multi-tier services. Contact us to take advantage of this shift toward comprehensive marketing and design.

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