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vancouver bc seo companyTwice isn’t always nice.

An unfortunate SEO trend has developed. Companies are now creating original content... and then launching it across the Internet. Optimized phrases are posted in blogs and affiliate forums. Product descriptions are plastered across FAQ pages and network hubs. Every word is published again and again. It’s an epidemic of repetition.

And it’s weakening SERPs.

Creating a reader-worthy page is essential. Using that page multiple times, however, is not. Search engines now penalize users for duplicated content, accusing them of trying to manipulate SERPs by filling the index with key-phrases and backlinks. The overall quality of the site is questioned (with web crawlers analyzing every word for potential black-hat practices) and this undoes even the best SEO strategies.

It’s imperative, therefore, to create singular content. Don’t continually use the same information, linking it to several sources (such as media profiles, blogs or directories). Make each page instead unique to ensure strong results.

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