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seo company vancouver bcInnovative products, unique services, local branding: Vancouver businesses blend these components together to achieve online success. Without a proper grounding in customer-oriented SEO, however, that success will be short-lived.

SEO is the process of increasing a site’s visibility. Webstager understands, however, that this process must be tempered to consumers, adapting all content and social media marketing to their needs. 

How is this accomplished? Study customer data.


First take note of real-time traffic patterns. Understand when customers are visiting each page, which information attracts the most attention and which search methods provide the greatest results (engines, media networks shares, video channels, etc.). Analyze how content performs within key demographics.


Study the sales of each month. See which products or services most appeal and create strategies that highlight these. Launch content campaigns, branding banners, responsive web pages and more.


Start a dialogue with consumers. Create contact forms, respond to social media posts and send out mass emails. Gain information from these conversations, learning what issues most affect users and their buying habits.

By implementing these elements companies can better understand their key demographics - and adapt their SEO strategies accordingly.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of success. Contact Webstager to learn more.

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