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organic seo company vancouver bcEvery page can be indexed. Not every page, however, can be organically popular.

Search engines carefully study every site, rewarding quality content and punishing black-hat techniques (such as hidden text, back-gated pages, keyword stuffing or link farming). Algorithms assess every score and adjust page ranks accordingly, propelling a lucky few to the top spots.

Why is this important?

Because organic traffic is directly influenced by a site’s SERP.

According to a recent study by Marketing Land, 71.33% of users rely on sites with first page positions for their searches. Comparatively, only 5.59% of users visit sites found on the second and third pages. Organic traffic drops dramatically after the elusive Top Ten (and sales, of course, drop as well).

This is a startling difference - and one that proves the importance of high page rankings. Without organic traffic sites will fail: unable to generate the necessary brand recognition, consumer reviews and profit margins. Not even exceptional products will spare them from low-volume clicks.

Webstager can keep this from happening, launching our customers to front of both major and niche engines. Our automated platform helps to ensure faster indexing, while our content strategies (including real-time event coverage, cross-channel marketing and responsive design) promises white-hat success. We deliver organic results.

And there’s nothing more crucial than that.

To learn more contact us today.

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