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mobile seo company vancouver bcDesktop searches once reigned supreme. Users flocked to their computers - typing queries eagerly against their keyboards, seeking out digital data with the press of a mouse. This was the established way to find information.

Times have changed, however, and Webstager now reports that mobile searches have overtaken their desktop counterparts.

According to Google, more searches “take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries (including the US and Japan).” Rates have grown exponentially within the last five years, and consumers are now relying on their smartphones to access digital data. Desktops have been officially replaced.

What does this mean for SEO content?

Webstager stresses the importance of responsive design. Sites must adapt to multi-channel formats, with all content posted to a fluid grid. This will ensure that all sizing and scrolling components remain seamless. It will also ensure that users can easily interact with data from their screens.

This is a cornerstone of any modern SEO strategy. Smartphones define both gateway pages and social postings. Companies that refuse to acknowledge this will soon find themselves lagging behind in the virtual race - and a first place SERP will prove impossible.

Responsive design is critical for today’s SEO. Mobile searches are here to stay.

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