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British Car Show Grows Each Year

(Posted on Jun 3, 2010 at 04:13AM )
A couple weeks back the WebStager Team braved the cold and what looked like rainy weather to attend the All British Car Show at Vancouver's Van Dusen Gardens.

We arrived late and were told that even though we had our registration that we may not be able to get in because of the record crowd and turn out of Jaguars. At the 50th birthday of Jaguar's popular E Type - the turn out was huge. My poor XK
150  - the model before (and winner of many Le Mans races) the cigar shaped E Type may not get in!

Needless to say after a couple tense moments wondering - we were escorted into the grounds and guided into our parking spot beside other cars in the XK line.

The day was great. We snapped pics, We twetted our friends and set up a new spot on 4 Square. My Facebook page was alive with content from the show - and show lovers stopped by to swap stories of how these cars made an impression on their lives at some point.

Most fun was to connect with the rest of the people that had an appreciation of design elements and performance of these British automobiles while having an appreciation of the little things one has to put up owning and driving them just to keep them on the road.

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