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Mass Collaboration Will Effect Us All

(Posted on Jul 7, 2009 at 01:06AM )
The Power Of Mass Collaboration:

Some people say, like this YouTube video say there is an online revolution happening all around us as our society is starting to develop new tools. As new tools evolve - society evolves and fosters new behaviors...

Think about it - more people are now able to speak and connect to more people - even those that they don't know - faster and better than ever before in history!

With all of these social sites and collaborative properties, we have the tools to say more things to more people than ever before - and that is growing enormously.

We now have tools to do massive things - even define radical change and start influencing decision makers - we are all just now learning how to use them.

Ironically it's the technology tools and platform that we've been developing within our Theme Green platform for now close to 5 years.  Write once - publish everywhere!

This YouTube Video is both compelling and profound in the growing trend of Mass Collaboration!


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