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Michael Jackson and Farrah the same day

(Posted on Jun 26, 2009 at 02:51AM )
I remember talking about encounters with Michael while staying at my friend's home in LA and looking at the pics on his wall he took of Farrah pre star on a skate board shoot back in the '80's.

Things were way different in those days. Strange that I am now in that age group to remember the private stories about just 'people' who touched our lives. Now they are gone and we're seeing them for the last time on major media.

It's going to be a real jolt when one of The Stones passes...since my LA friend  traveled with them for close to a year and we got back stage passes for the years into the '90's they were on tour!

God rest the souls of the recently departed - and a reason for us all to live well while we are living - we are all dead for a very long time...

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