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Facebook Updates added to ThemeGreen Blogs

(Posted on May 25, 2009 at 11:56PM )

When we started building our blogs what now seems to me like a lifetime ago, I thought that all of the features I wanted would be created already! To my surprise they weren't. That's when I decided to have our team build them ourselves.

I wanted a simple blog, capable of quick text and image entry. The big thing for me was broadcasting technologies that would light up the Internet with my blog posts - rather than publishing all my work- then manually entering each of my other social memberships and running through step by step processes of each platform - I dreamed of a blog platform that would publish my information on all the popular platforms.

Think of the time I'd save.

What's more, I'd be contributing to the overall task of automating Internet Marketing for anyone wanting to get the most from their blog posts.

That was then and here we are years later! Our blogs are an integral part of our various social networking properties. Blog owners can easily create as many unique blogs as they want, each one with a static domain name to attract search engine. In addition, we build RSS feeds into each blog entry along with various forms of widgets allowing the entire blog or simple 'news feed' publication on designated or 'public' web sites or blogs. We added the ability to enter email contacts from your Outlook, then mobile contacts so SMS messages can be sent of blog updates.

Last week we added a cool new interface along with the Twitter account updates. Later in the week we added the ability to integrate our own Location Based Galleries - called IMGY into your blog creations.

This week I am pleased to announce the integration of your Facebook account with ThemeGreen member blog updates.

This adds to the capability of building our blog technology into an Internet Marketing powerhouse. If marketers can use our social media tools to enhance their position online, while saving time with our write once, publish everywhere technology, they are in a good spot in this tough economy.

The ThemeGreen Team

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