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seo company vancouver bcIt’s the eternal online struggle: classic SEO techniques versus trendy tactics. Can companies battle for demographics by giving in to the rising fads? Is it possible to embrace new methods, even if they’re not destined to last?

Webstager has the answer: yes.

A successful SEO strategy is built on a foundation of quality content and classic marketing. Infusing a site with current trends, however, is essential when trying to attract key demographics (especially those in the coveted 18 to 25 bracket).

This is the age of the tech-hungry consumer, with every spare minute devoted to new sites and innovative applications. Users are forever flocking to the next-big-thing... and so should companies.

Keep track of popular sites and networks. These reflect current consumer interests and, when used properly, can become a central part of any SEO strategy. Develop new profiles; create shareable posts; rise to the top of niche directories. Monitor where users are going and then follow. Stay abreast of all developing social trends.

Pairing traditional content with responsive tactics will increase traffic, visibility and sales - and what’s better than that?

Short-term trends can provide long-term results. Contact Webstager to learn more.

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