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pinterest seo company vancouver bcA picture is worth a thousand words - but, on Pinterest, a caption is worth a higher SERP.

Since 2010 Pinterest has served as an image hub, providing users with shareable content and striking visuals. It has also become a favored marketing option, with most SEO strategists taking advantage of its easy interfacing and quick results.

Those wishing to use the site to its full advantage, however, must do more than upload photos. They must also upload descriptions.

Create concise, relevant descriptions for every image. Don’t rely exclusively on hashtags (these have less impact on external search rankings and won’t raise overall visibility. They’re more trendy than helpful). Instead provide spider-friendly text, filled with both short-tail and long-tail keywords. This will ensure higher SERPs, with engines able to better recognize the content and index it accordingly.

It will also improve an account’s rankings within the Pinterest site itself. Descriptions provide easier filtering through internal searches. This allows users to quickly find the information they need, generating higher traffic and better brand awareness.

Captions promise successful SEO - and this should never be ignored.

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