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pinterest seo company vancouver bcAnonymity defines the online world. Identities are shielded, content is tucked behind IP scramblers, and HTTPS lines secure every communication. Users can disguise themselves with proxy-masks and hidden URLs.

Companies wishing to connect with their consumers, however, must be willing to abandon those disguises and verify their sites - especially on hubs like Pinterest. This is the only way to fully optimize brands and ensure stronger social SEO.

When creating an account on Pinterest companies must verify their websites. Though this process is considered tedious (requiring a series of HTML tags and code injections), it serves two important functions:

One: it proves that the account user is indeed a representative of the company. This helps to build consumer trust, which then translates to greater engagement. Target audiences are more likely to communicate with verified accounts, creating a series of pins, posts and comments.

Two: it increases overall visibility, with verified boards more easily indexed in external engines and given preferential treatment within the Pinterest site itself (internal searches are more likely to focus on these accounts, rather than those that remain unverified. Expect higher rankings and consistent traffic).

These are advantages that can’t be denied… or ignored. Verified websites strengthen the Pinterest experience, making it a more viable marketing option and a greater weapon in the SEO arsenal.

And that is always worth pursing.

Contact Webstager to learn more about Pinterest and the verification process.

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