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Grassroots SEO Can Propel Small Businesses Past Their Competitors

(Posted on Mar 6, 2015 at 02:56PM by Lee Byard)

seo company vancouver bcBigger isn’t always better.

Too often do small businesses think themselves ill-prepared for SEO, unable to devote the time (or the budget) that larger companies can. Their marketing plans are less grand in scale, and they assume they can never measure up to their competitors.

The value of SEO, however, is that a little bit of planning can go a very long way - especially when that planning includes grassroots campaigns.

Small businesses can now optimize their sites for success. How? They can rely on grassroots SEO. These organic methods - which include social media marketing, local business indexing, real-time blogging, meta tagging and keyword analytics - can have significant impacts. They directly affect SERPs, optimizing content so that it appeals to spiders and readers alike; and they strengthen the viability of each page, with engines more willing to index information (rather than cite it for black-hat tactics). They legitimize companies online.

And, of course, grassroots SEO demands far less than paid advertisements or affiliations. The budget won’t break with these natural placement techniques. They're as effective as they are cost efficient - and this is imperative for those with only a few dollars to spare.

Learn more about grassroots SEO by contacting Webstager. We’ll be happy to explain the process and create a campaign that works for your small business. 

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