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seo audit service vancouver bcSEO content is defined by infinite possibilities - and equally infinite challenges. Writers, media mavens and coders alike often find themselves struggling to generate the results they need. Their brands falter and their social authorities tumble. Trying to keep pace with an ever-changing design scheme proves difficult.

Why? Because their sites and strategies haven’t been audited.

A SEO audit proves crucial to all content creators, helping them determine which elements succeed and which instead fail miserably. To accomplish this site owners should:

Check indexed pages (are all pages listed and, more importantly, is the homepage listed first?).

Check meta tags, title tags and meta descriptions for optimization (are they the appropriate character lengths and do they feature consumer-centric information?).

Verify that all important information is highlighted with the appropriate heading tags.

Verify that all page titles are optimized and on-point.

Identify any improper URL structures.

Identify any improper text formations (access source codes to find any stray special characters or HTML issues).

Confirm that ALT tags have been used on every image.

Confirm that all duplicated content has been removed from the server.

By following this checklist site creators can better assess their content - and learn how to improve it.

Baffled by auditing? Webstager can help! Contact us to learn more about this process, as well as how to enhance your SEO capabilities.

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