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pinterest seo vancouver bcWithin the SEO world Pinterest is often dismissed. Companies become distracted by the bright colors and dizzy patterns, thinking the site nothing more than a candy-inspired confection of images. It  simply contains too much information to be effective.

Webstager knows the truth, however: this is a niche networking powerhouse, capable of generating high traffic and long-lasting results.

When creating a SEO plan don’t ignore Pinterest’s many niche categories. All photos can be pinned to a variety of internal networks, each defined by specific products, services or descriptions. These sub-directories provide limitless customization options and help users better promote their content.

Consider this example:

An automotive dealer wishes to share photos of a vintage vehicle. A visit to the Popular Board, however, proves daunting, with far too many images posted there to compete with. He won’t be able to find an audience. His content would instead be lost.

He must choose a different strategy -  a niche strategy. This is why he posts to the Luxury Cars Board, the Classic Cars Board and even the Ferrari Board (which is fitting since he has a Ferrari).

By simply selecting niche networks the dealer can seek out the right demographics and ensure greater visibility. This is the true power of Pinterest - and it’s a power Webstager knows how to harness for improved SEO.

Contact us today to learn more about niche networking on Pinterest.

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