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using alt text in seo vancouver bcIt seems so simple: devote every second to optimizing content. Write pages that impress, using keyword strings and affiliate links to bolster their appeal. All information will be marketed to engines and readers alike.

Content encompasses far more than paragraphs, however, and too often are images overlooked in the quest for SERP domination.

Optimize your photos with alt-text

Alt-text (known formally as alternative text) is the description given to an image. It is, traditionally, less than 100 characters and formatted as a searchable keyword. Its original intent was to allow visually impaired users to better understand what was on a screen, offering a description of objects, places or individuals. As time progressed, however, its SEO value became apparent.

By using alt-text companies can now increase the amount of information web-crawlers can track. This improves overall indexing and also inserts the photo into search engine galleries (such as Google Images). Sites then gain visibility and reap the rewards.

It’s a strategy that works - and Webstager has mastered it.

Let us help you create engine-ready alt-text and further optimize your site. Contact us today.

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