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homepage design vancouver seo companyFirst impressions are the most important. It’s all too unfortunate, therefore, that most sites earn little favor with web-crawlers - simply because their homepages haven’t been optimized.

Sites succeed based on how crawlers perceive them and, while all content is intended for consumers, it’s the hidden text that most defines how data is ultimately judged. Meta tags, title descriptions and more all combine to entice engines; and properly optimizing a homepage helps to ensure success.

Create A Page Title

Choose a title that reflects both your business and your services. Be concise.

Build A Meta Description

Include a meta description. This snippet (which is up to 150 characters long) should provide keyword-rich details about your company. Do not exceed the character limit. That will negatively impact how it’s ranked by web-crawlers.

Anchor Links

Web-crawlers feast on links. It’s important, therefore, to add them to the homepage. Use internal pages that support the text and try to highlight keywords whenever possible.

Simplify Coding

Keep all HTML coding streamlined on your homepage. An excess of special characters will confuse crawlers and lower rankings.

An optimized homepage is an engine-friendly homepage. Learn more about how to improve the overall quality and appearance of your site (as well as how to make a strong first impression) by contacting Webstager today.

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