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pinterest seo company vancouver bcMedia marketing rests on a simple foundation: appeal to the consumer. Provide content that engages, informs and delights. This will translate to high sales and strong SEO. 

On Pinterest, however, it will also translate to steady re-pins.

Marketers, take heed: no SEO strategy is complete without a Pinterest account and no Pinterest account can survive without re-pins. When customers share content they help to define both the brand and its social presence. This generates organic search results, which have long-lasting impacts on SERPs and success.

Understanding which photos inspire the most re-pins is, therefore, essential - and Webstager recommends that every marketer pay attention to these Pinterest trends (as discovered by Curalate, an analytics firm):

Images with portrait styles are more likely to be re-pinned than those with landscapes.

Images with multi-color designs more likely to be re-pinned than single-color options.

Images with lower saturation levels are more likely to be re-pinned than those with higher levels.

Images with less than 30% empty background space are most often re-pinned.

Images with smooth textures are most often re-pinned.

This data helps companies bolster their marketing campaigns, allowing them to choose photos that are more aesthetically pleasing. This will ensure re-pins, which will then provide greater site exposure and sales.

Create compositions that impress on Pinterest. Contact Webstager to learn more.

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