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facebook seo vancouver bcEach day sees a flurry of activity on Facebook.

55 million status updates are created.

50% of the estimated 1.23 billion active users log-in.

Each of these users averages 21 minutes of posting.

None can deny that Facebook is a self-contained social structure, generating some of the Internet’s most popular content. Utilizing it for SEO has long since been recognized as a wise decision and endless campaigns have been crafted around the like/dislike phenomenon. A recent mobile upgrade, however, will transform the marketing process entirely.

Facebook has officially launched a mobile like button for phones. This feature will allow consumers to navigate the site from their iOs or Android platforms, selecting (and sharing) content more efficiently. Every post will be formatted to a smart-screen.

Webstager knows this will have immediate effects on the mobile marketing process. With consumers now able to engage more directly with Facebook, companies will have to strengthen their posts. Data will have to be responsively designed and creatively composed to ensure that it’s shared. Streamlined content will prevail, and cross-device optimization will be crucial.

This will usher in a new era of mobile marketing - and we can’t wait.

To learn more about the mobile like button click here.

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