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mobile seo company vancouver bcOn October 2nd, 2014, Google launched its fifth annual Manchester Event, providing guests with insights into technology, optimization and how to best combine them - specifically within the mobile field.

While the revelation of new Google products (such as a self-driving car and glasses infused with 3D mapping) dominated the event, Webstager was most intrigued by the promise of mobile marketing.

According to Eileen Naughton, VP and Managing Director of Google UK, “by 2020 every person in the world will be connected in some way by smartphones”. This is compared to the already impressive 2.7 billion people currently relying on iPhones, Droids and more.

What does this mean for mobile SEO? Webstager thinks it proves a shift in marketing. Consumers are becoming more reliant on their devices, connecting to information - and each other - through digital data. Consider these statistics (as provided by ComScore):

4 out of 5 consumers use their phones to shop.

70% of mobile searches convert to real-world results (such as purchasing or reviewing).

25% of consumers claim to only use their phones for Internet access and shopping.

91% of consumers admit that their phones are always within an arm’s reach.

These numbers reveal a growing dependence on smartphones - which makes Google’s prediction for the future seem all the more plausible. The mobile SEO market is destined to expand.

Webstager is ready for it. Are you?

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