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announcing our latest custom cms!

(Posted on Jul 1, 2009 at 12:27AM )
Our team just finished up Terra Centric Adventures CMS platform.

Terra Centric are and adventure tour company located in beautiful Lund British Columbia, Canada - the gateway to the Desolation Sound and arguably
one of the most scenic places on the planet!

These guys are living a constant post card. Their business is taking people on tours of the area - some so memorable that they are sought after by adventure seeking Europeans or Japanese tourists that have largly heard of the by word of mouth.

"This is truly one of the places you want to 'put on your list"; says Steven Arsenault. CEO of WebStager.com.

"We wanted to build a platform that truly reflected the magical beauty of the area while allowing their staff the ease of updates. Since we are constantly developing social media platforms and social media tools, we were really excited to integrate things like our IMGY 'GPS" galleries into their platform.

Image you are traveling here from Germany. You want to immediately share your images, the location you shot the image, comment and collaborate with your friends and family back home.

With our integration of Terra Centric's platform, they can. Users upload their images. Once click and all their spots - Twitter, Facebook - even their Outlook contacts are alerted of the updates!"

Terra Centric requested a "very" simple CMS back end data system. It took the entire staff a very short time to learn & navigate. We hear from so many clients that their current back end user system is so hard to navigate & figure out, that most times they get lost & won't go in and make necessary changes to their website.

Our head programmer came up with a super dead easy back end admin door that allows clients to quickly & easily make any changes, upgrades, or uploads to their existing website without having to stress themselves out!

This also saves the client time & money, since they don't have to call upon us to go in & make changes every time they need changes made to their website.

There are 2 innovations to this CMS driven system that make it an integral part of their Search Strategy.

1. We build a special search app allowing Terra Centric to optimize their site. If we used Google's search - it would serve up competitors info as well as their own.
2. Staff have access to ALL images, including header images. They are avid photographers in that part of the world, so they can update their header images without coming back to us.

Other important integrations:

The gallery we built for them - awesome and they can display and feature almost any image size!

Our social platforms are now integrated into Terra Centric's platform.

Our Theme Green social membership and broadcasting platform enhances Terra Centric's goal of getting to the top of search engines - and lit up on all social spots.

Their Theme Green membership has built in Facebook apps, broadcasting tools that light up their Twitter and Facebook spots, plus any other social platform on the Internet.

Terra Centric can now focus on their adventure tour business while their new web property takes care of their Social Image!

Overall we are very proud of this build!

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