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James Cameron - Hurt Locker - Best Film - Only In America

(Posted on Mar 8, 2010 at 05:20AM )
I just sat through the 82nd Academy Awards and listened to America's version of what they feel is popular on a global scale.

I think I must have been in an episode of 'The Fringe' - and stuck in the others parallel universe where there were no other films!

While the Academy  threw a few crumbs to foreign films and made their own black vs white more 'carmelized' by awarding Sandra Bullock an award for best actress - The Hurt Locker for best film!

Give me a break - no wait -  a shot of adrenaline I have for allergic reactions might revive me more than the film when I was watching it for the first time (and last I might add)

I waited for this film to come to DVD. Then when I watched it - I was falling a sleep for the first 1/2 an hour just itching to pull it out of my DVD player. Then it sort of got to you. Some black dude, some red neck drunk and some bombs some sort of story.

The entire film could have been over in 1/2 and hour!

Avatar - hmm - highest grossing film ever. Captured the global attention of billions. Many people went to the film time and time again. Better still they have a vision of it in their minds - young and old.

I wonder if the Academy folks still use DC power in their homes for the telegraph machines they use to send their messages back and fourth between one another.

James Cameron was totally robbed...                                         
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