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Twitter Governs It's API

(Posted on Aug 10, 2009 at 04:06AM )

For the last few months I've been spoiled using my own technology to update various Social platforms.


By programming our own Social Media Marketing platform - ThemeGreen.com - a social networking engine with fabulous apps - all my favorite social spots like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Bedo, Linkedin, etc are all updated each and every time I craft a blog. The beauty is just one single blog entry can update all my 'social spots'...

Parallel with that effort - any one carrying my news feed code was immediately updated - like the news feeds on my own corporate site - ThemeGreen plus my Green Energy watch portal - Plutonic Energy.

Before creating all these wonderful time saving apps and processes, it was a total time drain updating all my social spots - often getting interrupted and then not finding the time or forgetting to update half of them. Now it's simply write once, publish everywhere. At the click of a button all my social media spots are updated (along with email or SMS updates, widget updates, news feeds, RSS and a bunch of other SEO type processes - remembering it is a SEO and social engine).

Reality struck this week as hackers from who knows where around the planet unleashed a DDOS attack against my fav 2 sites - Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook seems to have rebuffed the attacks quite well - while Twitter is still having problems.

One of their bloggers today is reporting their API's are being blocked while they attempt to remedy the issue.

The reality of not having my blog update to Twitter is all encompassing for all out ThemeGreen users. Hopefully they solve their issues soon so I can again bath in the warmth of knowing that I only have to blog in one spot and all my other spots are taken care of.

Isn't technology grand!



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