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local seo company vancouver bcLocal content is successful content. This truth defines the SEO world, causing a flurry of directory links, media affiliations and keyword string creations. Writers and designers alike spend their days crafting city-centric data.

Trying to find publishing sources for that data, however, often proves challenging. Companies are forever seeking new ways to saturate the web, wanting more than traditional networks and blogs can offer. To compete on the local market niche targeting is needed.

This is why Webstager suggests using these underrated - but crucial - publishing options:

Community Newsletters

Link local content (such as product promotions or sales opportunities) to digital newsletters. This information will then be sent through a series of mailing lists, connecting it to relevant demographics. It can also be published online to allow for stronger indexing.

Community Forums

Though often dismissed for their low social authorities, community forums can prove vital to local SEO. Post content (such as press releases or event schedules) directly to neighborhood boards. It will be seen by a small, but targeted, audience and generate results.

These postings also establish channels of communication, enabling companies to answer any questions or comments their customers may have. This improves service and often translates to better reviews.

City Directories

City directories are an oft-ignored options that can deliver steady results. These sites - which are managed by local authorities and administrators - provide profiles of current businesses and services. Not all of these profiles are optimized, however, and they don’t generate SERPs.

Take control of the listing! Contribute as much information as possible (business name, address, phone number, images and more) to strengthen the content and ensure higher rankings among engine crawlers.

By taking advantage of these local SEO options companies can bolster their efforts and invigorate their sales.

Want to learn more about local SEO? Contact Webstager today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions, as well as create custom social strategies. 

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