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google seo company vancouver bcEvery site-creator has one dream: to reach the first page of Google, leaping past competitors and earning a coveted SERP. Turning that dream into a reality once only required local SEO techniques. A few backlinks and some database entries could ensure high results.

Now, however, times have changed - and HTTPS reigns supreme. Secure servers deliver strong SERPs on Google.

During the 2014 Search Marketing Expo (an annual event that examines analytic trends and SEO strategies) Google made a shocking announcement: 30% of its top ranked sites contained at least one HTTPS protocol. These sites were generating high traffic and consistent sales.

Why? It was explained that the Penguin algorithm was automatically detecting this formatting style. It chose to reward sites that emphasized security over keyword stuffing, and the page positions were changed accordingly (despite the fact that this was never an intended part of the program and Google never actively sought HTTPS signals).

This proves the effectiveness of Penguin, showcasing how its web crawlers instinctively seek out page quality over page quantity - and this promises a positive future for SEO. Adhering to the HTTPS trend will force site-creators to provide readers with safe and effective content.

And this is always a good thing.

To learn more about HTTPS and its impact on SERPs contact Webstager. Ask us also how to better adapt sites to the new Penguin formula.

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