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Social Media Integration

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Products & Services - building social media engines and social tools to enhance social media delivery and interactive web properties that bring your Internet experience to life.


Defining Your eStrategy Through Professional Services
Building interactive web properties for client companies, creating our own platforms and maintaining our membership platforms give us a unique perspective in the world of the Internet. Our own market experience give us insights into issues for our clients while our clients provide us valuable outside views. Our team has years of knowledge in eCommerce, the Internet, search engines and are even US Patent holders in unique messaging technology. Hiring experts to aid with your Business Development might be one of your wisest investments.
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Web Design
The look and feel of your web site is the first impression visitors have of your business or organization. You have 30 seconds for a visitor to your web site to make their decision to stay or leave - perhaps forever. We have a team of professionals who can help transform your look then take your web site to the next level.
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Logo Development
Our team of award winning designers will work with you to create a strong look, based on your art style and goals.
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Branding and Identity
What other people know about you is your brand. Usually it's a cool logo, a useful product or some ‘sticky’ commercial. Brands are all around us and the ones with the most exposure are the ones that stand out. What if no one knew anything about your great brand or products? You need better brand awareness. These days social media is playing a big role in your brand.
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Custom Social Networking
Member based platforms allow you to connect with your community and provide a much deeper experience for your user base enhancing awareness, branding and profits. Find out how WebStager built a custom member platform to connect a global community of Grizzly Bear fans.
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Remote IP Camera -transmitting live images from no power and no cell phone locations live to millions of members in our custom social networking platforms
As technology improves - so do innovative uses. Our above Grizzly project had us inventing delivery platforms that simply did not exist. The goal was to deliver live Hi Res images of the secret lives of Grizzly Bears and other wild creatures from their natural habitat. We developed specialized self-powered, self-broadcasting, stand-alone camera platforms capable of lasting months using solar power and other green technologies while broadcasting live images to our custom social networks. These platforms are capable of operation in harsh and remote regions anywhere on the planet.
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Entertainment Venues
During the 2010 Olympics we used our IP camera knowledge to deliver live images of fans and athletes 24/7. WebStager used its social media tools to broadcast images and blogs about the 2010 Winter Games from various views and venues proving the web cams and social media tools enhance live entertainment venues and attract real time business.

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As more and more people use the Internet for just about everything, selling online has gone mainstream. There are many different types of ecommerce options. From implementing a monthly service from a third party, to your own custom applications integrated with other apps like customer relation management and a custom content management system, we can help you decide, design and implement the best solution.
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Mobile Applications & Strategy
The proliferation of smart phones has reached the masses. By 2011 it is anticipated that there will be over 1 billion smart phone users.  It is now commonplace for people to be using their mobile smart phones for just about anything online. Our social engines have mobile technology build into them giving you a jump start on going mobile.
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Database Applications
We maintain millions of lines of code and thousands of members using huge databases. We are constantly adding new and unique applications to our platforms. They eventually find their way to our client companies. Unique applications on your own web site enhance your bottom line.
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Social Media Tools
Social Media has exploded over the last 18 months. As a social media company we are in the thick of 'everything social' on line and if we aren't developing apps in that space - we know of the latest trends. Our own social media tool development is ongoing building apps that help automate social media delivery, geo broadcast applications and the fast paced mobile world.
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Customized Content Management Systems (CMS)
Content Management Systems, or CMS, have evolved since the early days of the Internet. In an effort to gain control over their own Internet sites, content management systems have become a 'must have' feature of most Internet development efforts. WebStager created its own Point and Click CMS platform in an effort to simplify the once difficult task of updating web site content for fresh content and additional profits.
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Print Media
Often our web design work spills over to the traditional print world for brochures, business card and promotional media development. We strive to make our print media as inspiring a journey as is our web site development. Like the pitch card we created for a British Documentary company representing Rogue Bear Valley in a broadcast trade show in Cannes, France. The card created such a buzz for the proposed TV show that major broadcasters were talking a major production with Emmy visions.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Web marketing industry is changing while everyone gets online. What's more, people Google everything. It's never been more important to be at the top of search engines. Besides that, there are thousands of possible search term combinations. What do you do? You need an ongoing estrategy. Part art, part science, we know how to get you there. You also need our automated SEO engines. We've built an array of tools to help automate your SEO, Social Media and Social Community efforts. We can provide you the tools and platforms that enable companies to run their own campaigns or we can manage and operate them for client companies.
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