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Click the above Hi Res IP Cam image to experience integration with our IMGY location based galleries
  George Lounge, Yaletown, B.C. Canada  

If it's happening at all, it's happening at George in Yaletown, Vancouver's hottest after work and dinner spot.

Look close because you may spot a star or two strolling in and out of the trendy shops and restaurants.

We are using digital as a way to adapt to the rapidly changing world of web properties. Digital enables rich social media & collaborative communications. Collaborative communities spread brand awareness, improve sales and improve a company's brand awareness.

For George we've combined real time images with our own location based galleries called IMGY. Users ( or members ) can collaborate with other members, while sharing tools that allow easy distribution of rich media. ( definition of rich media --- exhibits dynamic motion to social networking sites like FACEBOOK ; Twitter ).

We've taken the best of the Hi Res images, plus surrounding area on our IMGY platforms ( IMGY galleries are location based social media personal galleries).

Pull out you iPhone and use our app to locate recent images from the IP cams - maybe you are in the shot. You can then position your image on your very own personal Google Map, comment, then sent to your friends, social or SMS contacts.

From that point on you'll be able to log your adventures on your own map and each time you make an entry, your peeps are receiving your adventures along with you and can comment in a social environment.


  Click the IMGY header to open our location based IMGY Google Map with embedded IP cam images. IP Cam images are updated on the gallery so you won't miss the action.

We've also created a global link on our Google IMGY map so you know where the action in happening from. Collaborate and share with your friends. Experience the power of of social tools to inspire, involve, and activate collaboration using visual storytelling and engagement.


It's all real with our own IMGY.

You've got awesome content - go viral with it allowing your members to share their own experiences. Follow your updates from thousands of users.

We've paved the way for a multitude of social interaction opportunities by integrating IP cam technology and images with user placed content and our own location based image galleries.

Users can collaborate and go social with their content while engaging the Hi Res IP cam images. The integration between both platforms is seamless.

Using social media tools. Our widgets spread image media on any web site or blog enhancing any brand's reach.

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