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google direct answer seoGoogle prides itself on innovation. It’s forever trying to streamline the search process... and it often succeeds, propelling sites forward with precise algorithms and white-hat rewards. Recent developments with its Direct Answer program, however, has caused many Vancouver SEO companies to worry.

The Direct Answer program allows users to enter specific queries and receive fast replies. Data is presented in a small box, with up to 200 characters detailing weather forecasts, definitions, calculations and other general knowledge entries. This is intended to expedite searches, allowing users to more efficiently find information.

Many fear, however, that this could negatively impact SEO - limiting content quality and reducing the need for sites.

Webstager wishes to allay those fears: Direct Answer will not be the end of SEO.

This program will only provide basic (concentrated) data. It will not explore topics or provide in-depth explanations. Optimized information is still needed and indexed sites will not suffer. This is merely a tool to help readers answer simple questions - and to entice them to continue their research. Overall content and SERPs will not be affected.

SEO is not losing its value. Instead it will pair with Direct Answer to provide consumer-friendly results.

To learn more about the Direct Answer program contact us today.

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