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responsive web design vancouver bcIt’s finally happened. Mobilegeddon has come.

For months SEO creators have been preparing - and dreading - Mobilegeddon, Google’s latest algorithm that demands a full responsive shift. While the program was originally intended for an April 21st premiere, it’s taken weeks for the full effects to be felt. Page rankings haven’t changed and penalties haven’t been incurred.... until now.

According to Gary Illyes - a trend analyst for Google - the mobile roll-out has finally happened and results will soon start to evolve. In a recent interview with Search Engine Land he said: “Not all pages were reindexed yet so they don’t have the new scores.” As the program penetrates the top-ranked data, however, this will change.

What does this mean for SEO companies? They'll have to adapt their strategies, utilizing mobile formatting and responsive content. All sites must be tailored to a modern audience (as well as digital-hungry web crawlers).

Webstager isn’t worried. We’ve long since embraced mobile design, offering our clients multi-tiered navigational strategies for all devices.

To learn more about mobile formatting contact us today!

To learn more of Gary Illyes' comments on Mobilegeddon click here.

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