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Skaha Ford 

Ford dealer | Okanagan BC. Dealer being overshadowed by a larger more well known Ford dealers within driving distance of Skaha Ford.

WebStager created a new signature look, combined all their offerings and focused on content for their local maket using our proprietary content distribution platform.

Our multi engine plaform allowed them to soar in multiple search categories.  

Sales soared and they started showing up in organic seach across the Okanagan. 

Bronco campaign Case Study

WebStager | OBBAuto Demo site -  http://clients.webstager.com/skahaford.com

Competing company convinced them to change. Results after 6 months of moving to a competing platform:

74% decrease in SEO traffic.
Inferior content. Providers writing about other brands and locationg 100s of miles away.
Website crashes frequently.
Inventory non responsive and slow
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August Mazda
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