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2010 Games Vancouver Winter

(Posted on Feb 14, 2010 at 06:34AM )

The city is alive with a sea of International sports fans. The Olympics seems to me to attract the best of the best in athletes, but the best of the best of various country supporters as well.

As we made our way around the city the crowds were alive with supporters taking in the sights and entertainment venues that Vancouver has to offer.

Live City - an entertainment portal where major sponsors show off the newest of new technology.

re are some crazy cool home theatre technologies being shown by Panasonic.

We decided to take a walk across the Cambie bridge, the city looks like its growing up with all the high rises and all the security.

The Russians have taken over what is normally science world, now some Russian message outside, Vancouver security is patrolling the waterways as I learned that every building has a shift of snipers during the entire 2010 games guarding the Olympic Village.

That reminds me, we saw the vehicles, the many vehicles lined up waiting to spring into action when the sports event happens.

At City Hall, workers have been working for months on this new concrete area welcoming visitors to the games. The view was awesome!

Vancouver City Hall has never been the same.

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