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Microsite Event Generator

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Events are important for your company's community efforts, your brand awareness, and your short and long term SEO visibility. With our Event Microsite Generator, we'veevolved event marketing one step further on the path to total marketing automation. Using the One Big Broadcast platform, you can create a Microsite specifically to promote your event before, during and after its date. You can build bridges between your company and local users reaping the untold benefits of a company that's involved in its community. Each event Microsite comes with its own detailed profile, social marketing tools, broadcast blogs, event gallery and social plugins all to help endorse your event, and in turn direct user traffic back to your company. Using One Big Broadcast's full  suite of content creation and social marketing tools, an entire ecosystem can be created around the event that includes additional content pages, video & image galleries, team blogging, and social communities. Events become a strong part of your ongoing content marketing strategy with a historical record of your continuous community involvement which will be stored on your website enhancing your site's long term SEO visibility. It also creates a connection complete with images, video's and rich content to the people that dontated their time to make your past, present events a super success.