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Investing In Contest Marketing: Propelling Your Brand Through Promotional Content

A new product to launch, a next-level milestone to celebrate - you’re unveiling something big. It requires more, therefore, than the traditional marketing plan, the standard social media posts. No consumer frenzy was ever earned with a simple PPC campaign. 
You need something different. You need something memorable.

You need contest marketing.

The Value Of Contest Marketing

Invigorate your brand through contest marketing. This strategy delivers a superior sales experience, generating results through interactive (and rewarding) promotional content. It funnels traffic through search and social alike by directly engaging with consumers; and it yields exceptional visibility. It is a targeted, creative solution that will redefine your results. 

Contest Marketing FAQ

Contest marketing is the process of using promotional events to increase traffic. These events - which may include holiday-themed sales, product giveaways, or discount opportunities - are meant to engage your target audience; and they offer access to exclusive prizes that speak directly to consumer needs or interests.

By implementing contests brands can more effectively enhance their visibility - turning their clients into marketing advocates. With every click, share, and repost consumers will engage with the content… as well as propel it through Google. Traffic will be increased, product profiles will be raised, and the reach of the campaign will extend to new digital touchpoints. Activate key demographics to improve search performance.

The value of contest marketing lies in consumer engagement - with content meant to be clicked and shared. Through this brands will experience a rise in both search rankings and social visibility:

Contest marketing yields an average new consumer ratio of 34%.

Contest marketing offers an average 226 clicks per post on social media.

Contest marketing emails receive an 8.8% conversion rate (compared to the 5.5% conversion rate of traditional marketing messages).

Contest marketing content is shared 94% by consumers who participate in the event.

Contest marketing leads to increased consumer interest, with 33% of participants seeking out additional brand information.

By utilizing contest content brands can better engage with their key demographics - and supercharge their marketing efforts across search and social. Achieve next-level results with every promotion. 

Custom Contest Marketing Services

Propel your marketing to the next level. Contest content proves a perfect complement to every strategy, generating traffic and lead conversions - and Webstager can help you launch an interactive campaign. We offer a variety of services to assist you, including:
Content Creation

Our experienced team of writers will deliver multi-tier content strategies - crafting short-form blogs, long-form Consumer Research Pages, social posts, and more to push your event through search. Each piece will emphasize your unique marketing message to ensure maximum consumer engagement.

Graphic Design

Allow our in-house graphic designers to complement your event with dynamic visuals. We will create a series of options - from slideshow carousels to hero images to custom advertisement panels - that will capture consumer attention and increase social sharing.

Social Syncing

Enhance your event’s exposure through social media syncing. Our team will publish content to each account, including Facebook and Twitter; and we will study your analytics to observe engagement trends, content performance, and more. The campaign will be carefully coordinated across all touchpoints to supercharge visibility.

Contest marketing delivers scalable results - driving new traffic and building brand outreach. Allow our team to assist you with every event, delivering the custom content you need to connect with your consumers.

To learn more about our contest marketing services contact us today. We will happily schedule a demonstration at your earliest convenience. 

Our Work
Find examples of our recent contest marketing campaigns. 
An image of Christmas trees, a reindeer, a snowman, and a present against a white background. Red and green text above reads: 12 Days of Christmas Encore. Daily Doorcrasher Limited Time Deals. Extended Until 2PM Dec 24.
Image of a red and white stocking hanging from a mantle, with various Christmas decor surrounding it. To its right is text that reads: Key West Ford's Super Stocking.
Image of a woman wearing a blue shirt, white scarf, and black glasses with her hair blowing in the wind. Text beside her reads: Our deals will blow you away. A black truck and white SUV are posed on the side of the image.
Image of a man and woman sitting in the front seat of a vehicle. Text to the left reads: We're getting ready for May's Customer Appreciation Day. Tons of great deals and Huge savings.
Various road trip images displayed in a collage, with text that reads: Your Greatest Road Trip. Upload Your Photos and Videos For The Chance To Win Some Great Prizes.