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Our Founders

Creative is alive combined with elegant solutions to complex business challenges.

Our Founders

Steven Arsenault and Mimi Klingsat

Where dynamic creativity and Internet technology intersect to create elegant solutions for complex business challenges.

You know that thing we said on our Team Page about how to truly be great, you must surround yourself with great people? It starts here. (That’s right, we said it…we think our founders are pretty great, too).

Co-founded by the dynamic duo of Steven Arsenault and Mimi Klingstat, Webstager is the fruition of many decades of experience and expertise. Under their unique leadership, Webstager successfully pioneers the future of Internet marketing, providing creative and elegant solutions (this is all Mimi) for your complex business challenges (Steven is the left-brain thinker).


Steven Arsenault - CEO

steven arsenault webstager vancouver bcSteven is a long time (see: baby boomer) technology entrepreneur. His cache of talent has led him through a virtual gauntlet of Internet and technology based challenges.

Steven started his career in software and was one of the early pioneers in bridging the gap between telecom systems and computer intelligence. When cell phones were still being talked about more than talked on, Steven was already helping to shape the global wireless blueprint in his role as a strategy advisor for AT&T Wireless.

From there, he co-founded a company that developed the world’s first “Video on Demand” technology in a partnership with a New Zealand cable corporation. The company, and its technology were later acquired and sold for more than $400 million.

Following the acquisition, Steven found the Internet (not for the first time, just in a more profound way). Taking a keen interest in all things web, Steven specialized in messaging technologies, Internet marketing, and SEO tools that consistently delivered overwhelming results for his clients. It was in this space that he found his passion, and formed the foundation of what is now One Big Broadcast and Webstager.

Mimi Klingstat - Director of Partnerships

mimi klingstat webstager vancouver bcMimi is an experienced creative director, with a colorful background in web design, social media marketing, content marketing, and branding strategy. In 2002, Mimi was paving the way for the future of organic search marketing, when she acted as a social media SEO consultant, long before anyone in relevant fields had started talking about the “power of SEO”. 

Mimi enjoys working closely with clients from the very start of each project. With her inimitable creative intuition, she is able to smoothly propel clients from the design phase — digital collaterals, logos, web design, online branding — through to a polished finished project.

With an uncanny ability to source out the best talents around the globe, Mimi assembles top-notch teams to direct for top-notch results. An explorer of the digital realm, Mimi is the Neil Armstrong of social media marketing. Her risk-taker personality allows her to accurately assert what consumers are looking for so that she can provide new tools, tactics and avenues to stay ahead of the ever-changing SEO game. One small step for Mimi Klingstat, one giant leap for digital marketing.

With a polished flair for identifying and creating business leads, acquiring new clients and nurturing long-term business relationships, it’s Mimi’s job to keep Steven very, very busy.