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local seo company vancouver bcContent may be king but local content reigns supreme.

As of 2014 97% of consumers use the Internet to shop locally. These results - as provided by BIA/Kelsey, a network tracking group - prove how the advertising world has expanded, with traditional print replaced by HTML and optimized content.

They also prove why local SEO is so vital.

Local SEO serves as the connection point between companies and consumers. Every page is saturated with relevant content - such as area codes, addresses and geo-cached images. This helps to define both the location of a business and the audience it would most appeal to:

High SERPs are achieved through localized keywords.

Niche demographics are targeted through homepages, blogs and profiles.

Search visibility is increased with indexed pages and mapping tools.

Global competition is lessened.

These elements combine for sites that are user-friendly and neighborhood-ready - and this ensures stronger sales.

The power of local content can’t be denied. Let Webstager help you harness that power today.

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